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 Metal Techniques

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Admin/Vampire & Metal Leader

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PostSubject: Metal Techniques   Tue Dec 23, 2008 2:03 pm

Apprentice- Just starting to be able to manipulate a small amount of iron, not very powerful at all
-limits: one limb armor, daggers, heal bloody wounds to a degree

Healer- Is able to manipulate metal as well as the leader, but only for the purpose of healing. Whomever they heal will have trace amounts of iron/steel inside them making them malleable to any metal manipulator
-health: heal anything and everything, can revive dead at high cost, manipulate those they've healed

Protector- Specializes in the defensive metal manipulations:
-protection: fortresses, shields, body armor, reflective aura, etc

Warrior- Specializes in the offensive metal manipulations:
-weapon: spears, swords, guns(limitations), steel fists, etc

Vice Warrior- Has both the powers of a warrior and protector

Leader: Has every power of metal manipulators

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Metal Techniques
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