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 List of Elements

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Admin/Vampire & Metal Leader

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PostSubject: List of Elements   Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:32 am

Here is a list of all the elements on the site:

Fire: anything to do with flame, heat, lava, etc, but certain powers comes with certain ranks

Water: anything to do with water, liquid, moist, certain powers, certain ranks (cpcr)

Earth: anything ground, dirt, dust, mud, (CPCR)

Air: anything wind, oxygen((no suffocating >.<, yet >.>)) (CPCR)

Wood: anything tree, plant(for now until i make a decision about nature) wood, splinter, (CPCR)

Metal: anything well...metal, steel, iron, shiny, etc etc (CPCR)
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List of Elements
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