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 The list of all the jobs you can be for your clan:

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PostSubject: The list of all the jobs you can be for your clan:   Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:39 am

Apprentice: A new member of a clan, usually in training of some area of the clan

Healer: The clans medical area or expertise, usually only 1 per clan but may have 1 apprentice

Protector: The warriors that stay at the clans (campsite, HQ, etc) and are the defensive side, warding off attacks, making sure everyone in the clan are ok (children, healers, sick warriors, etc)

Warrior: The fighter that goes out to get the clans needs, do work around the camp, or the main people of war

Vice Warrior: The Warrior of the clan that is the leaders most trusted person. Usually the leaders lover or best friend

Leader: The leader and grand protector of a clan
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The list of all the jobs you can be for your clan:
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